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Monday, January 9

Just what I wanted...

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope that you're back to getting your weekly grooves on.

So, what is missing in my blogging life? Why do I sometimes post and feel so unfulfilled. Why do I *nag*, as MLF said, for people to comment in my blog?

It occurred to me last night: I'm looking less for a diary and more for conversation. This is probably obvious to y'all since your ears have been chewed off by me many occasions (figuratively speaking, of course).

So, I have addressed this problem. In a brilliant stroke - thanks, in part, to Hearn's aborted attempt at this - I've started a message/discussion board! I *know*!!! Ain't it cool?

Here's the goal that I've concocted for all this internet mayhem.
  1. You'll read my blog.
  2. Enticed by the insightful wit, you'll wish to interface and debate me
  3. You'll visit the board, log in, and say what's on your mind.
  4. A lively discussion/debate of all things theological, musical, or otherwise absurd will take place.
So, peep the new board and raise the ante on this whole intarweb community that we're fostering! The first point for thought, ripped largely from ABF yesterday, is up and awaiting insights.

For now, I'm the smartest person on the board. That will change in 3... 2... 1... *drat*


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