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Tuesday, August 15

Road Trip!

A week from Friday, I'll be making a college-esque road trip to Gaithersburg, Maryland with a couple good friends. We'll be heading down to visit Covenant Life Church, the central church in the Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) network.

I'm excited beyond words about this... I first had exposure to Sovereign Grace back in the 90s when a couple friends attended (what was then) a "People of Destiny" church, picked up a CD, and sent it along to me. When Eva and I started attending VBC, we found that one of our pastors had come across PDI's exceptional songwriters and we've used their music heavily ever since.

This fall, those friends and I will embark on working through some books recommended by SGM. So it seemed that visiting CovLife would be a fitting kick-off. Originally, I hoped to slip down and attend the recently concluded WorshipGod06 conference... That didn't materialize quite the way I hoped, so this trip seemed to be the next best thing.

I mentioned that Tim Challies had been liveblogging the conference... He posted a reflection on the event today that was thought-provoking. I'm looking forward to having some first-hand experience to relay when we get back.

So, if any CovLife people are reading this: Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th, Lord willing!!


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