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Monday, August 28

Away from home, yet home.

This will be a 'short' post for me...

As you should know from previous posts, three of us made a little jaunt down to Covenant Life Church in Maryland this weekend. Without getting long-winded, it was awesome. Even a 10-hour drive (lengthened to 13+ thanks to traffic) is enjoyable when you can have the kind of conversations I enjoyed with my good friends.

There is something wonderful about worshipping Christ with a different body of believers... We tend to be so isolated that we forget the kinship and unity we share rightly with other followers of the Lord. Though you may be far from home, you almost feel like you never really left. And you start to thirst for the day when we will all be gathered around the throne of God, worshipping in one voice and song.

At least I do.

There was so much in this trip that I could ramble about... I'm sure all that will come out in other posts. For now, I just want to thank my travelling companions and the lovely people at CovLife for having us.


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