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Thursday, August 31

WWWednesday - the Late Edition

Between recovering from the road trip, attending training, and assorted other fatiguing things, I wasn't able to get to the WWWednesday post on time. The fam is going camping this weekend, so I won't be posting anything else until early next week. So, I wanted to get this post up to bridge the gap.

1) I've raved in the past about the music from the Sovereign Grace people in general... I've raved specifically about the Worship God Live album. Expect me to begin raving about the Valley of Vision project from the SGM-folks very shortly.

2) Julie @ Lone Prarie seems to be a regular feature of these WWWednesday posts. Her rediscovery of the 6th Sola of Reformation is perhaps the most deserving link yet. I wonder if this will make Piper an 8-point Calvinist instead of the oh-so-yesterday '7-point' variety...

3) Speaking of regularly-linked blogs, check out the continuing sports metaphor over on Challies blog. I bet he's not the first person to think of Fantasy Preaching, but he's clearly put the most time into it. In analyzing his method, I think the stats make Mark Driscoll the Marshall Faulk of the game. I must admit to spending a little time during a break in my class working on an optimal draft strategy.

4) People have continued to stumble across this blog thanks to some interesting search terms... One visitor, who didn't stay long, was trying to learn about murdering concubines. Similarly, reforming baby eaters just strikes me as something that I'd be afraid to enter into a search engine... After all, the NSA is listening. [Note, I have no idea how far down Google's list someone had to go to here from that search.] George Mallet's tuxedo was also hanging around here, it seems...

5) We just removed a small bat from the kitchen window...

And that seems like a good place to end. See you next week!



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