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Monday, December 12


It's always good when you can laugh at someone else's expense... During today's uber-kickoff event for the project I serve at work, the Budget Officer fervently began to recite the bullet points on one of his slides. One of them happened to indicate that his office would be responsible for the production of 'year-end yodels'.

If only that were true... It would make my job *so* much more entertaining.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day that several of us are heading to see the Chronicles of Narnia. I am super-geeked about the movie! My addiction was heightened a little today when I stumbled across a 9 min teaser of the film over at NarniaWeb... If this is representative of the movie *at all*, I dunno what some people are griping about.

The negative reviews I've seen tend to focus on one or two common themes... In some cases, the movie's "religious overtone might cause questions from some younger viewers". First off, it's loose allegory at best. I think the books, and I would suppose the movie as well, stand on their own as works of fantasy. Besides that: If you're so uncomfortable answering questions from a little one re: some spiritual implications in a movie, I would suspect that your personal 'theology' might be the problem... Not a movie. Part of what makes these stories so great is the layers of the onion that you can peel back and find something new to chew on...

And yes - I know that in this case the onion gets bigger (cf The Last Battle).

Anyhow... The second gripe is that the story is a little too 'childlike' to match up against Lord of the Rings. Huh. Could that be because they are children's books? Tolkien was going for something very different.

For my part, that's part of my reasoning to see the films... The books were dear parts of my childhood. Combine my continued 'childlike-ness' with the allegory that lies underneath and my brain will have plenty to chew on. The biggest *problem* is that I tear up reading the books (stop laughing)... Part of the reason I keep watching the trailer over and over is to hopefully de-sensitize the water works before tomorrow night.

Nothing is funnier or more pathetic than a 300lb guy crying at a kid's movie. Actually, the fact that I get choked-up over Bill Pullman's "go kill the aliens" speech in Independence Day might trump that on further review.


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