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Wednesday, December 21

Pre-holiday miscellanies

Well, Christmas is almost upon us... Here's hoping that everyone is tolerating the hustle and bustle of the season well. Just in case no other post gets made, let me take this chance to with you all a very blessed CHRISTmas!

A few random bits:

1) First off, if you'd like to read a review of Narnia that reflects my opinions (stated below) but actually makes sense and is readable, try this on for size.

2) No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, I can't imagine that the college's choice of pictures for their 'holiday card' would inspire you. I like Andrew Wyeth and all, but his imagery doesn't exactly warm my heart. I'd say that, sadly, the actual image picked isn't online. But, trust me, I'm not that sad.

3) Snowflakes are cool. What's even cooler is that, for some reason, I just noticed this winter that sometimes you can see the 'shapes' of snowflakes with the naked eye. I think this new revelation is partly due to the fact that what I called snow growing up was mainly glorified sleet along with the fact that we usually fail to "stop to watch the roses".

4) I need a job where people just pay me a livable wage to tell them what I think about something. Way too much time this week has been spent discussing philosophy/theology with The Hearn via email. It's been fun, but not good for financial return.

Oh... And it you wanna brighten a gloomy day, why not whack a happy penguin for distance?


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