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Saturday, December 31

Boohbahs and The Art of Hippity Hop

I would like to state for the record that I find the Boohbahs terribly disturbing (Cadie got one for Christmas). They're weird looking to be sure... The worst thing is their little head. They have this little mouth-shaped depression in their face but there's no mouth. Almost like some torturous, evil intergallactic ruler (Xenu?) spackled over their food portals.


Plus, if you click on this link I'm sure you'll agree that Boohbahs are probably using psychic techniques to amass a child army that will one day throw off the tyranny of Parental Oppression. Then again, I might be exaggerating. Anyway, it's not my kid in that picture - so we don't have to worry just yet.

The funnest thing about break - I got to play in MLF's little project studio a couple days. I truly believe that, if I put my mind and summoned every ounce of soul/funk I could muster, I could be a chart-topping producer of rap loops. I am totally serious! It's a little known fact that I gots all kindsa flow...

Speaking of which, isn't the little groove-writing kid in the movie "Hustle and Flow" actually white? That's right, white meat kickin dirty beats, fools.

I'm bouncin' to the Bbuster to rent dat stizzle right now, dawgs...


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