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Sunday, January 1

Gary Busey?!!?!?!?!??

Ok... I am flummoxed.

So, I'm wrapping up my quasi-weekly ritual of watching TVU's little music video block last night (Saturday). With church Sunday morning approaching quickly, I was getting ready to head to bed. As I was trying to turn the TV off, I accidentally switched the channel to TBN. Yep, The Big-hair (Christian) Network.

Imagine my surprise when I'm greeted by the tear-stained mug of Gary Busey.... Wait! Gary Busey???

Yep, it was him... The movie, with mad props to Google, appears to have been "Tribulation"... This obviously high-quality, eschatological thrill ride appears to have been released in 2000, though I swear to you that I would've dated it circa 1983. The J-Man (r)(c) has repeatedly told me that "there was nothing bad that came out in the 80s". I should've known.

Feel free to read the summary of the plot if you'd like... I can give you my review by saying that nothing sells the dire circumstances of the end times like Busey's dead pan oddness. The worst part is that, like some cosmic train wreck, I wasn't able to tear my eyes off the screen. It seemed this movie was playing tricks with me. "Wait, that looks like Howie Mandel... No way. Geez, way. Is that Margot Kidder?? This is just strange."

Who I was talking to, out loud, at nearly 2:45am is unclear... Most interestingly, as the movie wrapped up they played several other CloudTen trailers. I wonder how Nick Mancuso must like having been cast as the antichrist/Satan in 4 films? That's gotta be a fun talking point on your resume.

I'm not trying to make light of the tribulation or end times at all... But, I'm sleeping better knowing that when it gets here a complete nutjob will thwart the powers of darkness and save the world for another day.

I don't think that's the way it ends in the book, but that's why we have Hollywood!



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