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Saturday, December 24

Wisdom from pop-culture...

Since we're spending tomorrow, Christmas Day, at church and running around with family, we decided to have our family 'gift day' today.

I had bought my lovely bride the new Switchfoot album... The lyrics of one tune ("Stars") kinda jumped out at me in a fresh way:

Maybe I've been the problem,
Maybe I'm the one to blame.

But even when I turn it off and blame myself
The outcome feels the same.
I've been thinking maybe I've been partly cloudy,
Maybe I'm the chance of rain,
And maybe I'm overcast
And maybe all my luck's washed down the drain...

Stars looking at a planet watching entropy and pain,
And maybe start to wonder how
The chaos in our lives could pass as sane.
Ive been thinking about the meaning of resistance,
Of a world beyond my own
And suddenly the infinite and penitent
Began to look like home.

I've been thinking 'bout everyone

everyone, you look so empty

... But when I look at the stars, I see someone else...

With all the hustle and the bustle of the holidays... With all the joy that we are supposedly surrounded by during this time of the year, it's amazing how empty and lonely and pointless it can seem.

But there *is* something else... More than that, a someone. And this holiday was supposed to remind us that someone stepped into history and walked here with us - showing us we're not alone, but we're loved and treasured deeply.

Take some time to think deeply and reconnect with what's at the core of the presents, meals, and distractions. You'll find you "... feel like yourself" but better!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good... afternoon.


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