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Thursday, August 17

For my Reformissialvinistic homies...

This is teh funny...

In case you're not aware, James White is an uber-apologist who host a weekly radio program called The Dividing Line. I was first exposed to him when I read [and reviewed*] the book Debating Calvinism which White 'co-authored' with David Hunt.

Usually rip-offs of other internet memes never quite measure up to the original's fun-ality. This one, if you're in the right circle of people, comes awful close.

My personal faves, in order?
  • James White isn’t an undiscriminating baby-eating Calvinist. He only eats non-elect babies.
  • James White’s hairs were only four-point Calvinists. ‘Nuff said.
  • When James White stutters in his Greek class, a new entry shows up in the next edition of BDAG.
Tip o' da hat to Dan Phillips for da linkage!

*After linking to this old review, I was reminded that particular post caused a bit of a stir back in January. For those of you who know The J-Man (r)(C): He did say, somewhat jokingly, that my blog was too serious. My retort at the start of that post was intended just to be a jab in good fun! We can kid with our friends, right?


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