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Monday, April 28

Favorite Posts [4] : Leadership Conference '07

Last April, I had the distinct joy of attending Sovereign Grace's 2007 Leadership Conference with a couple of my dear friends. It was the first Pastors conference that I ever attended in person, and LC07 set a very high bar for any deal-io that I might attend in the future.

Unlike the bulk of my other 'favorite posts', this post contains no Bible exposition, no ranting, and no ... well, that's pretty much all my posts contain under normal circumstances.

What makes this post memorable is two things: First off, it's a chance to reflect (again) trip memories that still warm my heart and challenge my head. The fellowship and teaching were fabulous* and I'm already watching eagerly for registration to open for LC09.

However, more importantly, it's a chance to cheer for people who (by God's grace) are rightly deaf to the noise of the crowd. What I observed at LC07 was a group of people committed to diminishing their own reputation so long as the name of Christ is lifted up. In a world where we are taught - even in the church - to build bigger barns, it is helpful to be reminded of the humility the Gospel should create and the great calling that we've received.

[LC07 Part 1] [LC07 Part 2]

* Plus, they had Krispy Creme donuts in abundance... Who can argue with that?

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