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Wednesday, April 23

Favorite Posts [WWW2] : WWWednesday Non-Videos

If there's been anything consistent around here, it's been WWWednesday posts... Lately, most of them have been videos only. In the beginning, however, there were quips and other content. Here's some of my favorites:

8) Tuscan Whole Milk... MMMMMMmmm
After being listed on Amazon, everyone and their cousin 'reviewed' the creamy goodness. Says one reviewer:
Only three times in my life have I had better milk than this, and twice I'm fairly certain it was laced with flavor enhancing enzymes. The third was a milk so pure, it was actually hand delivered by the dairy farmer, who pumped it from the milk well right there in the middle of his ranch and drove it out to you in his old model T Ford pickup. Regardless, that was some expensive service, but the milk was like unto gold in a bronze world.

7) Jo Frost, the Nanny, don't take no lip.
"I wonder how the Super Nanny trash talks... "[bleep]! You call that weak-[donkey stuff] a manners chart? [Heck]! You ain't even gots no star stickers!"

6) Mark Driscoll vs. Mark Disco
In the 10/11/06 WWWednesday post I noted the following story:
  • I was saving this for a WWWednesday post, but now most of you have already seen it. Mark Driscoll posted some fascinating thoughts on Jenna Jameson on Monday. Yes, that Jenna Jameson...
Later in November '06, someone came to this blog looking for "Mark Disco"... Prompting this from me:
  • I post about Mark Driscoll fairly often. But, have you read my posts on his rather odd cousin, Mark Disco?? Oh yes... I've long been a fan of his 'best and farest' [whatever that means] work with the OC Bombers [whoever they are]. And you thought he was just a good dancer!*
5) Best opening line EVAR!!!
The opening line is a classic: "She was the Robochick. He was Billy-O. According to police, her obsession with him led her to drive 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, bringing with her a trenchcoat and wig, armed with a BB gun and pepper spray, and wearing a diaper to avoid bathroom breaks on the arduous drive." Then it gets weird.

4) 1st WWWednesday post and Cessationsomething
Noteworthy simply for the trend that it set. One thing I used to do was list search terms that people used to find this blog... I'm particularly fond of one that I mentioned in this post:3) The Princess Bride as legal proof
How could we forget and the disgusting/amusing story of Bryan Hathaway?

"Bryan (no relation) was caught getting a little friendly with a deer in a roadside ditch. A dead deer. And this is no first offense, mind you. He'd "previously has served time for killing a horse he intended to sexually assault". As if that isn't enough, check out this gem of a quote from his attorney his court filing:
Whether the term "animal" includes carcasses presented and issue of statutory interpretation... [A]n "organism" is defined as "a living individual; a plant or animal." Thus, the term "animal" refers to a living organism, not a carcass.

In addition defining animal to include carcasses would lead to absurd results. At what point of decompose would the carcass cease being an animal? ... As Billy Crystal noted in The Princess Bride (1987), "There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead."

It's bad enough that attorneys, once considered intelligensia in our society, are having to argue whether or not fornicating with an animal carcass violates a statute against fornication with animals. It's even worse when, to really zing their point home, the refer to The Princess Bride."

2) "I have only done this once before..."
1) Julie's classic "Sixth Sola of the Reformation"
"Julie @ Lone Prarie seems to be a regular feature of these WWWednesday posts. Her rediscovery of the 6th Sola of Reformation is perhaps the most deserving link yet. I wonder if this will make Piper an 8-point Calvinist instead of the oh-so-yesterday '7-point' variety..."

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