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Tuesday, April 29

Favorite Posts [3] : (Mostly) Loco for Logos

If I was collecting posts based on the number of hits they've generated for this bloggity-blog, this would be the top of the heap by a wide margin.

Shortly after purchasing my copy of Logos Bible Software, I decided to post a simple, 'new user' review. I was sure there were people like me out there - aspiring seminarian/pastor types - who didn't know enough to compare BibleWorks and Logos rigorously, but knew they could make real use of something. My hope was to offer something that might be helpful to those kinda folks.

Surprisingly, Logos picked up the review on their blog, which generated a flood of immediate traffic. Later, they were even gracious enough to put a permanent link in their reviews. I hardly think that this merited that, but it was pretty cool to have the attention.

So, if you're considering buying Logos - Do it. Then read these reviews and I'll tell you why I'm glad I did.

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