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Thursday, December 13

The best family photo ever...

Steve McCoy has posted his family's Christmas photo over on his blog.

I think it's the greatest family picture I've ever seen...


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Friday, December 7

4LL #41L!!!!1!1!!1!

NerdTests.com says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

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Thursday, December 6

Surprised? Not.

Saw this story over on centuri0n's blog. Is anyone surprised?


Wednesday, December 5

Prince Caspian

The first full trailer for Prince Caspian is out.

Watch or download it here. (I just dl'ed the high def one, Eva!)

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Tuesday, December 4

Al Mohler's Dark Materials....

Not really... but that headline just sounded too funny in my head.

Al Mohler reviews and comments on the Golden Compass controversy. As always, well worth reading.

Sunday, December 2

All I want for Christmas...

So, Eva and I have had a couple discussions on whether or not we adults should have Christmas lists. Being the prickly type that I am, I'm posting this for anyone who cares.

I know that many people enjoy the hunt for the 'perfect gift', some unique offering that shows you intimately know and deeply care for someone. I don't mean for my pragmatism to rob anyone of shopping joy.

But a word on gifts for me from family this year: I usually ask for cash. And while that's gotten groans in the past, I offer that as a gift idea again. Look, cash-ola is a little tight around the Dellinger house - especially with the heating/electric costs this year. So, any dollar given allows me to be home with my family rather than working a 2nd job.

If you're simple like me and cash doesn't suit you, check out my alternate amazon wishlist for book ideas.

Above all, remember what Christmas is truly supposed to be about (hint: not about presents under a tree)... If you do that, I can say that's the best present you could give me.

Saturday, December 1


Who wants to watch a football game next Saturday?