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Monday, May 5

Favorite Posts [1] : Under Attack

Not too long into my blogging career, I had one of those comment threads spring up that make your head hurt... A young atheist stumbled on one of my posts and began attacking the use of the Bible as anything approaching an authoritative book. Predictably, the conversation moved into a back and forth where he would cite a presumably 'wicked' bible passage and challenge me to explain how in the world I could believe the Bible when it contained such ridiculous/evil things.

Comment threads are not the place for hashing this out, so I asked him to email me his top handful of attack verses and promised a series of posts attempting to explain how they are sensible on their own (in context) and fit into the overarching narrative of the Bible.

Some might be surprised that the series of posts I've chosen to list as my #1 favorite is neither the one for which I hold the most affection nor anything close to the top hit-receiver. I believe, however, that this series of posts is unlike any I've come across elsewhere in the Reformosphere and just might be uniquely helpful to some skeptic or new believer in the future. That reason alone is sufficient to make this Under Attack series the most significant thing I believe I've written.

I hope, by God's grace, someone somewhere finds it edifying to their faith.

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