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Thursday, May 1

Favorite Posts [2] : Discontinuing Cessationism

For most of my life, I didn't have any pressing reason to answer the "miraculous gifts" problem so it remained unanswered. I merrily worshipped in churches on both sides of the divide, never quite thinking that either had it right.

That was until summer of 2006... That summer, there was what I think could be best described as a charismatic 'outbreak' among some Christian students on campus - some of whom I knew. Between needing to respond to that event and contemplating church planting, I dove in to the Word to settle the issue. This (long) series of posts was the result.

Even as I glance back through these posts, I remember affectionately the time spent studying the Word and thinking through the thoughts of other Godly men. I'd nuance my conclusion ever-so-slightly if I wrote this series today: I'd identify myself as a "Reformed Continuationist". I think that's a more academically correct term, and it avoids the baggage caused by so many errors within the broader 'charismatic' community.

I've had further argument... er, interactions with several people, including three pastors (two from the PCA, one Master's dude) that I bumped into on the Logos newsgroups. I remain unmoved from my position, though I continue to seek/welcome more discussion and challenges.

This was also a well-linked series of posts, thanks especially to Adrian Warnock who linked and emailed some encouragements and challenges along the way. Once you get linked by Adrian, a fair number of other NewFrontiers folk comes along for the ride. I'm grateful for the many friendships - in that strange internet sense of the word - that were made.

*I'd be wrong to not also note that Dan Wallace edited a fabulous ebook from the Cessationist side called "Who's Afraid of the Holy Spirit". I'd recommend you read this regardless of where you land. GREAT STUFF.

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